Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Frittilaria meleagris  has to be one of my favorite flowers. They rise up from the ground in the spring looking like little snakes which, I suppose, is how they have gotten the name, Snake's head fritillary. I love their unusual checkerboard pattern. Even their bulbs are interesting. I have done drawings of both the flower and bulbs which are shown here. This spring I hope to combine flowers and bulbs into a single drawing.

I have been experimenting with different planting sites in my gardens - so much a part of the gardener's life - to find where these little beauties will thrive. After several years I think I've found they are the happiest in the herb garden outside my door where I will move most of the bulbs in the fall. A perfect setting I think as they greet me each time I go out on chilly spring mornings.

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  1. I am glad I found your blog! I look forward to seeing your painting with the Fritillaria bulbs combined with the leaves and flowers. I haven't seen anyone do that before, maybe because the blossoms are such show stoppers, but the bulbs are great too!