Thursday, August 13, 2015

Herbs in the Garden

Our basil crop has been outstanding this year. Lots of spaghetti sauce, pesto and bruschetta will be made. But before it is all gone I wanted to at least get started with a sketch or two to finally begin my series of herb drawings. I had decided to not do as many art shows this year and concentrate on making art for a change. It feels so good to be back in the studio again!

The flowers and plants come and go so quickly this time of year. So, I am trying to take lots of reference photos and make quick color studies, as I've done here with the basil, so that I will be able to work on them when the activities of summer have passed and life begins to settle down. Chives, borage, sage, parsley and rosemary are also in my mind to add to this series. I'm hoping for a productive fall and winter art-wise this year. 


  1. If that's not a gorgeous painting at the top then it's a gorgeous photo. I'm glad you hope to make more art and stress less about shows. You're gonna have fun! By the way, I don't paint any more. I make dolls! And I just finished my herbal lady.

    1. It's a photo, Diane. I'm excited to start with the herbs. I've always enjoyed growing and using them in all kinds of ways. Now maybe I'll have time again. Yes, shows and galleries have worn me out. I'll probably do one here and there but I think I've learned this year what my limits are. ~ I'm going to have to look at your dolls! Sounds like so much fun. :)